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“TWENTY TWO”: Theatre performance about the Asia Minor Catastrophe in Melbourne

The Creative Drama & Arts Centre of the Greek Community of Melbourne presents, for the second time, the theatre and music performance «ΕΙΚΟΣΙ ΔΥΟ» (‘TWENTY TWO’).

The theatre performance is focused on 1922, a year that constituted a historic landmark in the Greeks collective consciousness from the tremendous effects of the Asia Minor Catastrophe and the Turkish-Greek War. Sorrow songs, refugee testimonies, and extracts from two books and a play will take the audience on a journey from the peaceful Greek Asian Minor homes and shops in the early 1920s to an Athenian refugee shack in the mid-1950s.

‘One night we were citizens in our homeland and the next day we were refugees begging.’ That simple but powerful refugee statement diachronically depicts the dramatic moments of all those who forcibly leave their beloved lands for an estranged unknown place. But this could also be the foundation stone for a fresh beginning in the new land, a drop of hope.

‘TWENTY TWO’ by Melbourne-based director Jeremy Artis premiered in December 2022. The second performance which is in Greek with English live-captions has since been enriched with additional acts and performers including the well-known Greek-Australian actor Antonios Baxevanidis.


At the Clayton Community Centre Theatre (9/15 Cooke St, Clayton VIC 3168)

Saturday 22 April 2023, at 7:00pm, and Sunday, 23 April 2023, at 5:30pm, at the Clayton Community Centre Theatre (9/15 Cooke St, Clayton VIC 3168)

Telephone inquiries: (03) 9662 2722

Ticket price: $25

Director: Jeremy Artis

Mousic, Sound and Song: Achilleas Giankoullis, Nikos Koutsaliotis

Cast: Antonios Baxevanidis, Athina Giannou, Giannis Lyris, Jeremy Artis, Ioanna Kothroula, Lemonia Shoina, Maria Bakalidou, Nicky Skouri, Pam Pollalis, Panos Apostolou, Syrmo Kapoutsi