What the most in-demand jobs in Australia are right now

As the country begins to reopen from the COVID-19 pandemic, experts say there are many jobs that need filling.

A lack of backpackers and migrant workers, combined with people not wanting to return to the workforce out of fear of COVID-19 or a lack of motivation has resulted in a labour shortage.

AMP Capital Chief Economist Shane Oliver said the white collar sector especially needs more workers.

“The white collar sector is seeing a bit of an issue,” Mr Oliver said.

“I’m talking here about lawyers, accountant, people in the finance sector, and so on.”

He added that the construction and hospitality sectors also need more employees.

“They’re the main sectors being affected at the moment by this labour shortage,” Mr Oliver said.

While some businesses would likely be forced to close because of the labour shortage, Mr Oliver expressed that many were set to raise wages.

“In the white collar sector we’re seeing wages growth push above three per cent,” Mr Oliver said.

“Wages data released earlier this week only showed wages growth in Australia of about 2.2 per cent.”

“But it is starting to hot up. We are starting to see more sectors, more businesses having to raise their wages to get the workers they need.”

Mr Oliver said this can be a positive thing because wages growth in Australia has previously been low.

“Now it’s a lot easier to get jobs,” Mr Oliver said.

“You’ll find the number of people competing with you to get that job is less, and of course you can probably demand higher wages than might have been the case pre-pandemic.”

He added that the longer-term issue is to make sure skills training is a priority.


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