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Patriarch Theodoros of Alexandria: “Let us unite our prayers for peace in Ukraine and the Middle East”

In his Encyclical for Easter, His Beatitude Pope and Patriarch Theodoros II of Alexandria and All Africa expressed the need for prayer and peace at a time when the world is shaken by the crises in Ukraine, Palestine, the Middle East and Africa.

“In these sacred days, as the world mourns in Ukraine, in Palestine, across the broader Middle East, in regions of turmoil in Africa, and beyond, I earnestly urge you to unite in prayer for reconciliation and the establishment of peace worldwide,” he stated.

He emphasises that genuine peace necessitates inner harmony and love, unlike the fragile and insincere peace derived from external agendas and societal disparities: “The peace of the world is transient, feigned, rife with fleeting self-interests and countless other vices. For peace cannot exist solely in the absence of external conflicts with visible foes. Neither can it endure when inwardly the soul is agitated and restless, our relationships marred by discord, ethics challenged, society in upheaval, and daily occurrences of violence, theft, betrayal, unrest, exploitation, deceit, and social injustices,” he adds.

“The peace of Jesus dwells within the soul and mind, accompanied by righteousness and love, fostering unity, reciprocal support, and mutual aid among believers in all facets of life, and is sustained by patience and humility. The peace of Jesus within our souls is the most comforting companion throughout our journey, ceaselessly,” he stresses.

Finally, he warmly calls on everyone to unite their prayers for peace, which will be based on the love and undisputed gift of Christ, instead of the threat posed by modern weapons.