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Transplants in Greece on an upward trajectory

The last three years have seen an increase in the number of transplants in Greece, with 2023 being the best year in the last 15 years in terms of organ supply.

According to National Transplantation Organisation data, 87 deceased organ donors were registered last year (8.3 donors per million people), resulting in 204 solid organ transplants.

The number of deceased donors in Greece is the greatest in the recent 15 years, nearly doubling that of 2020, when 48 donors (4.4 per million population) helped give life to 131 patients.

The best year for donation in Greece was 2008, when 98 donors were registered, thanks to whom 266 transplants were made. The increase in the number of donors and transplants was driven by intensive care units. As of mid-2022, seven local coordinators have been assigned to as many hospitals, which has helped increase the number of donor relatives consenting to organ donation.