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Greece: Nearly 100 people died in one week due to Covid complications

A total of 93 people died in one week from complications caused by Covid-19, according to the epidemiological report of the Hellenic Public National Health Organization for January 1-7.

The report said that apart from the deaths and growing numbers of intubated patients, Covid hospital admissions increased further by 15%.

The percentage of the subvariant JN.1 reached 13%.

Influenza (flu) cases rose in the week of January 1-7, while the positivity of SARS-CoV2 appeared relatively stable, the National Public Health Organization (EODY) on Thursday.

A rise in deaths from Covid-19 also registered (93 from 72), with a rise in hospital admissions (1,679 from 1,466 in the average weekly rate for the last 4 weeks, or up 15%). New intubations (37) rose compared to the average weekly rate for the last four weeks (28), but lower than the corresponding week in 2023 (53). Currently, a total of 78 people with Covid-19 are intubated at hospitals.

Of the 93 deaths, the median age was 86 years of age (range: 56-96), up compared to the average weekly death rate of the last 4 weeks (72) but lower than those of the corresponding week in 2023 (169).

During last week, there were 14 new and serious flu infections and 2 deaths. From the start of the season, 49 people have been hospitalized in ICUs with laboratory-confirmed influenza, and 11 people have died in total.

The number of flu-like illnesses also rose in Jan. 1-7 per 1,000 visits, compared to the previous week, while the positivity of the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in showed a slight drop compared to the previous week.