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Thessaly: Six villages warned as Lake Karla levels rise

Residents in six villages around Lake Karla in Thessaly have been warned to be on the alert due to rising water levels following Storm Daniel that threaten to inundate the few remaining parts of the Thessalian plan that have not yet flooded.

According to a study conducted by the Hellenic Marine Research Center and cited by state broadcaster ERT, the lake is overflowing, causing an increase in flooding in the surrounding areas, including a military air base in Stefanovikio. Large amounts of water are continuing to flow into the lake from the Pinios River.

Before it was drained in the early 1960s to create farmland, Lake Karla covered an area of 180 square kilometers. In 2018, 37 square kilometers of the original lake was restored.

Meanwhile, the city of Volos remained without safe drinking water, with authorities warning of the danger of disease, for the 11th consecutive day as the capital of flood-stricken Magnesia struggled to overcome the serious problems in the wake of the storm.

Apart from the mud left behind after the water receded, many of the city’s businesses are unable to operate due to a lack of water – including dairy and soft drinks manufacturing units, as well as heavy industry that uses water for cooling – and because the mud has destroyed basic equipment.

The lack of clean water is also a blow to the city’s hospitality sector, such as bars and restaurants, while the city’s hotels are empty due to mass cancellations of bookings.

Source: AMNA