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Saint John’s College, Preston: The Melbourne GRIP Conference – “empowering tomorrow’s leaders”

In a transformative experience, the Junior School Leaders of Saint John’s College, Preston, recently participated in the Melbourne GRIP Student Leadership Conference. This distinctive event stands out by honing in on the training of student leaders, specifically preparing them for their crucial roles as School Leaders.

What sets this conference apart is its unwavering emphasis on the immediate impact that student leaders can make.

The Melbourne GRIP Conference serves as a dynamic platform where young leaders are equipped with practical skills and insights, fostering an environment that encourages them to apply their learning right away. By concentrating on the “what can be done right now” mentality, the conference ensures that students leave with tangible tools to implement positive change within their school community.

As we nurture the potential of our Junior School Leaders, we recognise the value of conferences like Melbourne GRIP in shaping young minds to become effective and proactive leaders. The investment in their leadership education today promises a future where these students will continue to inspire and contribute to their school and beyond.