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Uncovering Truth: Professor William Mallinson Examines Kissinger’s Role in Cyprus

Renowned historian William Mallinson, Professor of Political Ideas and Institutions at Guglielmo Marconi University, will present an online lecture on Henry Kissinger’s legacy, focusing on his impact in Cyprus. Scheduled for Thursday 11 July 2024, at 7 pm, the lecture is part of the Greek History and Culture Seminars offered by the Greek Community of Melbourne.

This is a combined event hosted in collaboration with SEKA (Justice for Cyprus Committee) and the Cyprus Community of Melbourne & Victoria to mark the 50th anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, aiming to challenge widely accepted views on Kissinger’s influence.

Titled “Cyprus and Kissinger: Killing the Myth”, Professor Mallinson’s presentation aims to challenge narratives perpetuated by mainstream media and politically aligned academics, who have often downplayed Henry Kissinger’s alleged crimes against humanity. Drawing extensively from British archives, Professor Mallinson argues that Kissinger’s rise was predominantly facilitated by political connections, notably with Nelson Rockefeller. Despite its acclaim for strategic insights, Professor Mallinson portrays Kissinger’s influential book, “A World Restored”, as more of a promotional tool than a groundbreaking scholarly work, highlighting the need for a reassessment of Kissinger’s legacy.

Professor William Mallinson, a member of the editorial committee of the Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies and a member of Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Editorial Advisory Group (history), is a former Member of Her Majesty’s Diplomatic Service who left to study for, and was awarded, his Ph.D. at the London School of Economics and Political Science’s Department of International History. He is the author of ‘Cyprus: A Modern History’ (I.B.Tauris, 2005, updated 2009), ‘From Neutrality to Commitment: Dutch Foreign Policy, NATO and European Integration’ (I.B.Tauris, 2010), and ‘Cyprus: Diplomatic History and the Clash of Theory in International Relations’ (I.B.Tauris, 2010).

This online event will be livestreamed on Facebook and YouTube, offering a global audience the chance to engage with Professor Mallinson’s research and insights. The presentation aims to challenge existing narratives and offer a fresh perspective on Kissinger’s impact on Cyprus and global diplomacy.

Event Details

When: Thursday 11 July 2024, at 7 pm

Where: Streamed live on both Facebook and Youtube


For more information call: +61 3 9662 2722 or by email: [email protected]