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Oakleigh Grammar celebrates Alumni excellence at inaugural Hall of Fame induction

Last week, Oakleigh Grammar successfully launched its prestigious Alumni Hall of Fame. Held at the school’s state of the art N P Nikolakakis Centre for Academic Excellence, the occasion brought together past and present members of the school community to celebrate the remarkable achievements of Dr Pia Varsamis and Dr Maria Tsanglsis, the Hall of Fame’s first two esteemed inductees. 

In his opening address, Principal Mr. Mark Robertson warmly welcomed the attendees, emphasising the school’s unwavering commitment to nurturing exceptional individuals. Mr Robertson then invited Mr. Vic Rajah, the Convenor of the Oakleigh Grammar Business Network, to share his initial vision that planted the seed for the Alumni Hall of Fame to come to life. He spoke of the immense value the initiative will bring to the school, fostering a strong sense of community while setting the stage for future generations of excellence.

Oakleigh Grammar’s inaugural inductees into the Alumni Hall of Fame and their fantastic stories were then introduced by the Senior School Captains, Sotiris Bakalis and Jessica Peraic.

Dr Pia Varsamis from the Class of 2011 was recognised for her remarkable contributions to the field of medicine. Currently working with the esteemed Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, Dr Varsamis has dedicated her career to improving lives and advancing medical research.

Joining her was Dr Maria Tsanglis, from the Class of 1991, whose profound impact on the field of psychiatry has been nothing short of remarkable. As a respected professional at Alfred Health, Dr Tsanglis has made significant contributions to mental health care, leaving a mark on many lives.

Both Dr Varsamis and Dr Tsanglis delivered inspiring speeches, captivating the audience with their personal journeys and unwavering commitment to excellence. Their words resonated deeply, creating an atmosphere of great anticipation for the future of the Alumni Hall of Fame and the remarkable achievements yet to come from Oakleigh Grammar’s esteemed alumni.

As the evening drew to a close, a sense of pride and joy reverberated throughout the building. With up to two alumni to be inducted into the Hall of Fame each year, based on professional achievements, leadership and innovation, and community involvement, the Alumni Hall of Fame stands as a testament to Oakleigh Grammar’s enduring legacy and its commitment to nurturing excellence in every facet of its educational endeavours.