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Melbourne: The Students of the Greek School “Aetolian College” honoured the Heroes of 1940

With school celebrations, songs, poems, dances, and even a parade, the students of the Greek School of the Holy Archdiocese of Australia, “Aetolian College”, celebrated the glorious “NO” of 1940.

This year, the School Units of the Greek School of the Holy Archdiocese of Australia “Aetolian College” in Melbourne, organised special celebrations to honour the heroes of 1940 who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of their homeland.

In particular, the students of the Vermont and East Burwood Greek Schools attended the official Doxology held in the Church of Saint Andrew. After the end of the Doxology Service, the Greek School children recited poems and made their way to the monument in the courtyard where they laid a wreath as a tribute to the fallen of 1940.

The students of the Brunswick School after the Doxology they attended at the Church of Saint Vasilios, celebrated the day by organising a school celebration with songs, recitation of poems and dances. The celebration was attended by the grandparents who applauded the young and older students.

The students of the Yarraville School celebrated the National Anniversary at the Church of Saint Nicholas. The students moved the whole congregation with the songs they sang and the poems they recited holding the Greek flags and wearing the traditional costumes, full of enthusiasm.

The Coburg School celebrated the National Day with poems and songs, while the students of the Malvern School held up the Greek flag and shouted “Long Live the Greek Nation”!

The annual “Celebration of the Flag parade” organised by the Reservoir Greek School was impressive. On the day of the feast of the Protection of the Mother of God (Agia Skepi), the students of the Greek School attended the Divine Liturgy at the Church of the Transfiguration of Our Lord in Thomastown, where His Grace Bishop Evmenios of Kerasounta, officiated at the Divine Services. After the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy, the students, full of enthusiasm, smiles and with ‘blue and white flags’, marched to the outside of the Church with other parishioners, and community representatives. The celebration was honoured with the presence of, among others, Mr. Dimitrios Linardos, representative of the Consulate General of Greece in Melbourne, Ms. Lily D’Ambrosio, state MP for Victoria, and Mr. Tony Tsourdalakis, President of the Intercommunities Council of Victoria and Member of the Board of Directors of “Aetolian College”.

The students of the Moonee Ponds Greek School attended a series of events, since the Church of Saint Dimitrios, where the School operates, was also celebrating their parish feast day. With delegations of students attending from the eve of the feast of Saint Dimitrios until Sunday, 29 October 2023, when the festival of the celebrating Church of Saint Dimitrios took place, the students dressed in traditional costumes, recited poems and sang traditional songs, impressing all those who were present for their parade and presentations.

Finally, on Sunday, 29 October 2023, a delegation of students and teachers from the Reservoir and Keilor East Schools attended the official Doxology of the Archdiocesan District of Northcote, where His Grace Bishop Evmenios of Kerasounta officiated. Afterwards, the students participated in the wreath-laying ceremony organised by the Union of Retired Greek Servicemen in the forecourt of the Monastery of Axion Esti. On behalf of the Greek School, students Theodora and Konstantinos Argyropoulos laid a wreath honouring the fallen of the 1940 campaign.

“A resounding “Well done” to the students who participated in the anniversary celebrations of October 28, 1940 with pride and showed the respect due to their ancestors, the heroes of 1940!”, noted the Director of the Greek School “Aetolian College”, Ms. Natasa Spanou in her statement.

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