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Greek History and Culture Seminars: “Greek Transport Companies in the Post-WWII Migration to Australia”

Migration historian Dr. Ioannis Limnios Sekeris, will present an online only seminar titled “Migration as an Opportunity: The Intergovernmental Committee for European Migration (ICEM) and the Greek transport companies in the post-WWII migration to Australia”, on Thursday 11 April 2024, at 7 pm. The event will be hosted online on Facebook and YouTube.

Dr. Sekeris’ research delves into the relationship between international organisations specialising in migration and the private sector, particularly shipping and airline companies, from 1951 to 1980. With a focus on the post-WWII migration from Europe, his work sheds light on the role of Greek transport companies in facilitating migration to Australia during this period.

The seminar will explore pivotal questions surrounding the involvement of Greek transport companies, such as the establishment of the Greek-Australian Line by shipowners Chandris in 1959, the role of the Intergovernmental Committee for European Migration (ICEM), and the strategies employed to navigate competition in the sea route between Greece and Australia. Migration, as Dr. Sekeris asserts, was not merely an opportunity for migrating individuals but also for those involved in managing and mediating migration flows. By examining the commercial motivations and strategies of Greek transport companies, the seminar aims to provide insights into the migration mechanism that facilitated the migration of approximately 200,000 individuals from Greece to Australia between 1950 and 1973.

Dr. Ioannis Limnios Sekeris received his Ph.D. from the Department of Political Science and History of Panteion University, Greece, in 2023. His research interests include post-WWII migration, the history of international organizations, maritime history, aviation history, and transport history. He has authored numerous publications on migration policies, the involvement of shipping and airline companies in migration, and the management of migration journeys.

About the Greek Community of Melbourne

The Greek Community of Melbourne is a prominent organisation dedicated to promoting and preserving Greek history, culture, and heritage in Australia. Through various initiatives, events, and educational programs, the community aims to strengthen the connection between Greek Australians and their rich cultural background. The Greek History and Culture Seminars serve as a platform for engaging discussions and lectures, contributing to a deeper understanding and appreciation of Greek history and culture.

Event Details

Date: Thursday 11 April, 7 pm

Platform: Facebook, YouTube


For more information call us on: +61 3 9662 2722 or by email: [email protected]