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50 newly recorded Covid-19 deaths in Victoria and New South Wales in the last 24 hours

The deaths of patients with Covid-19 that were recorded in the last twenty-four hours in the two largest States of Australia amount to 50.

In particular, 39 new deaths were recorded in Victoria.

A total of 377 patients are being treated in Victorian State hospitals, of which 16 are in Intensive Care and 6 are intubated.

The new positive Covid-19 cases are recorded at 2,532.

In New South Wales, 11 patients sadly lost their lives in the last twenty-four hours, while the State Department of Health announced another 9 deaths related to the previous days and which were delayed in reporting.

The total hospitalisations are 1,781, with 39 patients in the Intensive Care Unit.

The new positive Covid-19 cases amount to 4,738.