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28 newly recorded Covid-19 deaths in Victoria and New South Wales in the last 24 hours

The deaths of patients with Covid-19 recorded in the last twenty-four hours in the two largest States of Australia amount to 28.

In particular, 18 deaths were recorded in Victoria.

A total of 337 patients are being treated in Victorian State hospitals, of which 22 are in Intensive Care and 5 are intubated.

The new positive Covid-19 cases are recorded at 2,950.

In New South Wales, 10 patients sadly lost their lives in the past twenty-four hours, while the State Department of Health announced another 27 deaths related to the previous days, which were delayed in their reporting.

The total hospitalisations are recorded as 1,834, with 40 patients in the Intensive Care Unit.

The new positive Covid-19 cases are recorded as 4,271.