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20th Anniversary Greek Fest Darling Harbour Unveils Exciting Greek Rap Battle Competition!

The celebration of the 20 years Greek Fest Darling Harbour is set to break new ground with an electrifying addition to its lineup – the Greek Rap Battle Competition! This innovative event invites talented individuals to step up, embrace their lyrical prowess, and immerse themselves in a celebration of Greek culture through the art of rap.

Event Details:

Date: Sunday, February 25, 2024

Time: 1:30pm

Location: Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour

The Greek Rap Battle promises to be a showcase of linguistic finesse, rhythmic mastery, and cultural pride. Participants are encouraged to bring their A-game as they compete for the grand prize and the opportunity to etch their names in the festival’s history.

Competition Highlights:

Greek Only: To preserve the authenticity of the event, participants must deliver their rap performances exclusively in Greek.

Lyrical Prowess: Contestants will have the chance to unleash their creativity, showcasing their unique styles and perspectives.

Beats Dropping: The competition is not just about words but also about the beats. Participants are encouraged to bring their best musical accompaniments.

How to Participate:

Ready to make history? Register for the Greek Rap Battle

Secure your spot and kickstart your journey to victory!

A grand prize awaits the winner of the Greek Rap Battle, making this competition not only an opportunity for cultural expression but also a chance to be rewarded for artistic excellence.

The 20th Anniversary Greek Fest Darling Harbour is excited to bring this unique and vibrant addition to the festival, celebrating the rich tapestry of Greek culture and its contemporary expressions through rap.

For more information on the programme and to book tickets to selected events, please visit