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‘Wall of Memory’ exhibit at Veria Archaeological Museum

The “Wall of Memory”, a partially covered outdoor exhibit, was inaugurated by Culture Ministry Lina Mendoni on Sunday at the Archaeological Museum of Veria, during her tour of northern Greek sites.

Ancient Veria wa known for being the home of the last royal family of the Antigonids, one of the dynasties of Alexander the Great’s successors.

The Wall is a series of 124 funerary stelae dated between the 4th century BC and the 4th century AD showing the portraits of residents in the area, while monuments and marble sacrophagi are arranged at the other side, of people honored by the state for their contributions.

Mendoni referred to the ancent Athenian cemetery of Kerameikos, drawing parallels with the Wall of Memory: “If one recalls Kerameikos, its famed sculptures and inscriptions, it’s in the same spirit. A young man in Kerameikos tells the person walking by, ‘You, passing by without a care and thinks of other things, stay and cry for me, I’m the monument of Thrason.’ Something like this happened at all ancient cemeteries. With the Wall of Memory, we remember.”

The minister was accompanied by Deputy Finance Minister Apostolos Vesyropoulos, local MPs and head of the Imathia Antiquities Ephorate Angeliki Kottaridou.