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Village of Dadia evacuated for second time

The fire burning near the nature reserve of Dadia, near the border with Turkey in northeastern Greece, for a fourth day, is again threatening the village of the same name, forcing authorities to ask the residents to evacuate it for a second time.

This and a fire burning in the regional unit of Ilia, are the major blazes, but many others are still burning across the country. On Lesbos, the fire, which threatened a resort on the south side of the island, appears to have abated and only isolated pockets of fire exist, according to authorities.

But more fires have started, in the Peloponnese, Western Macedonia, Central Greece and Crete.

Hot and dry weather conditions, along with high winds that often abruptly change direction, are feeding the wildfires. Fire Service spokesman Yannis Artopoios said Sunday that 141 wildfires have started over the past three days.