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Victoria closes NSW border over coronavirus fears

Victorians were given just hours to return from NSW and the ACT as the border effectively shut over fears COVID-19 could leak out of Sydney.

The entirety of NSW and the ACT became red zones under Victoria’s travel permit system from 11.59pm on Sunday, as the southern state’s school holidays ended.

Victoria’s acting chief health officer cited concerns about the risk of coronavirus transmission beyond Sydney and surrounding areas for the decision as NSW reported 77 new local cases on Sunday.

The border closure announcement was made just after 4pm on Sunday, giving little time for people to return on their existing orange zone permits.

But Victorian authorities had been foreshadowing a blanket NSW red zone declaration for days, encouraging residents to return home urgently.

“We do not want this virus here in our state,” Premier Daniel Andrews told reporters on Sunday.

“I would say to all of those Victorians who are in Sydney and in NSW more broadly, if you’re coming home then you better be quick about it.

“Many warnings were given about exactly this sort of outcome.”

Victorian residents who missed Sunday’s deadline will still be allowed to enter the state but must isolate at home for 14 days.

In addition, the Victorian-NSW “border bubble” arrangement remains intact for local residents, though they must continue to travel with proof of address and not enter any red zones.

Victorian authorities are also asking cross-border residents in both states not to travel outside the bubble at any time.

Mr Andrews warned people not to try to sneak into Victoria from a red zone without the correct paperwork, as police and authorised officers continue to monitor Victoria’s land crossings and airports.

“If you do the wrong thing you will be found, you will be fined and you have every chance of becoming very, very famous,” he said.

It comes as Victoria recorded its 11th day in a row without a local case of COVID-19 on Sunday, as well as no new infections in hotel quarantine.

Source: sbs