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The Church of the Holy Trinity vandalised in a village near Peć, Serbia

The Diocese of Raško-Prizren has expressed deep concern regarding the latest attack on the Church of the Holy Trinity in a village near Peć.

According to a report submitted by the parish priest in Peć, unknown individuals broke into the church and vandalized it with graffiti. The messages included “Allah Akbar,” as well as Albanian phrases such as “Remove this church from here,” “Only Muslims are here,” “We don’t want churches, we want mosques,” and “Islam is the only true religion!”

This incident is particularly troubling as it follows the decision by the Kosovo authorities to ban Serbian Patriarch Porfirije and other bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church from entering Kosovo. This prohibition prevented them from celebrating the Holy Liturgy and commencing the regular session of the Holy Synod of Bishops at the Peć Patriarchate Monastery.

The Diocese highlighted that these attacks on churches and private property are predominantly driven by ethnic and religious motivations, specifically targeting the Serbian community and the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Source: Patriarchate of Serbia