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Turkey: It does not concern Greece what we do with Hagia Sophia, it is in our territory

New provocative statements were made by Erdogan’s party spokesman, Omer Celik.

He characteristically stated that Hagia Sophia is located on Turkish territory and for this reason it seems “strange”, as he claimed, to deal with this issue in Greece.

“It’s become something very nice, something right. I don’t understand why Greeks are interested in what is depicted in our passport.

What is of interest, what concerns the Greeks depicting the mosque of Hagia Sophia located in the area of Turkey’s sovereignty?

This mentality really is strange, “he said.

He even claimed that Erdogan’s idea to place Hagia Sophia as a mosque in passports is something “very beautiful and right”.

“We congratulate those who contributed to the depiction of the Hagia Sophia mosque in our passports.

This does not concern the Greeks and they have no reason to react. They had done the same thing when we had opened Hagia Sophia as a mosque. This is not about Greece , Hagia Sophia is in the area of our sovereignty,” he added.