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‘Tsiknopempti’ celebrations in Archdiocesan District of Northcote, Victoria

On Thursday February 24th 2022 in the courtyard of the Holy Monastery of Axion Estin at Northcote the meat was the honorary gest and the smells and the sizzling sound of the cooked meat filled the atmosphere.

With the good weather on their side and the beautiful surrounding environment the Youth of the Archdiocesan District of Northcote together with the clergy celebrated in the best possible way the custom of Tsiknopempti (Charred Thursday).

Tsiknopempti is a celebration of the Greek Orthodox tradition in which large quantities of meat are consumed. Tsiknopempti takes place on Thursday due to the fact that Wednesday and Friday are the ‘fasting days’ of the second week of the so-called creatine (Κρεατινή) Carnival (Αποκριά).   

From early afternoon the BBQ’s prepared by members of the youth got into action! The coal lit up and the smell of fresh meat spread everywhere. The music accompanied the constantly growing gathering dancing in an ever growing circle, traditional music from all over our homeland of Greece, including the customary happy carnival songs as well.

The participants became a group, a companionship, honouring the day in a traditional way.  His Grace Bishop Evmenios of Kerasounta of the Archdiocesan District of Northcote on behalf of His Eminence Archbishop Makarios of Australia wished the youth many happy returns and reminded the words of our venerable pastor on his arrival in Australia: ‘ The Holy Archdiocese of Australia will always stand by you, listening to your voice, supporting you through adversity and giving you opportunities in your future life’.

His Grace Bishop Evmenios of Kerasounta added that his office is always open to receive everyone, to exchange thoughts, and reminded them that he was born in Australia as well and was in the same position like them and thus he understands their needs and concerns knowing well the mentality.

His Grace ended his short speech asking everyone present, to love each other, to be united and good friends with each other.

The event continued until late at night.

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