After her Dormition [Falling-asleep], the Holy Theotokos gave her cincture [sash] to the Apostle Thomas. That cincture was later brought to Constantinople and kept in a sealed reliquary in the Church of the Mother of God at Blachernae, founded by the royal foundation [Zaduzbina] of Empress Pulcheria. This reliquary was not opened until the time of Emperor Leo the Wise (886-912 A.D.). Leo’s wife, Empress Zoe, became mentally ill and, in accord with a heavenly vision, she desired that the girdle of the Most-holy Theotokos be placed on her. The emperor implored the patriarch, and the reliquary was opened. Then the girdle was removed and placed on the ailing empress. The empress was healed immediately. Today’s feast was instituted in commemoration of that miracle. Currently, one part of the girdle is to be found in Zugdidi, Georgia, because the daughter of Emperor Romanus was healed by the aid of this girdle–and when her father married her to the Georgian Emperor Abuchaz, she took part of the girdle with her. By order of the Russian Emperor Alexander I, a special church was built in Mingrelia, in Zugdidi, where that relic of the miracle-working garment of the Most-holy Theotokos is kept.