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The Parthenon Marbles: In search of a sustainable solution through public dialogue

Within the framework of the 200-year anniversary celebrations of Greece, non profit organizations Ecoweek and Paremvasi invite the international community to an interactive international public participation initiative and dialogue to present ideas and proposals for a sustainable solution for the Parthenon Marbles, under the auspices of “Greece 2021.”

Through this brief questionnaire the international community is invited to present ideas and proposals in search of a creative sustainable and acceptable solution for the Parthenon Marbles.

The discussion is an interactive initiative that started in April 2021 and will conclude with a panel of experts from Greece and abroad in the framework of Ecoweek 2021 international conference in August of the same year in Aegina, Greece, where selected ideas will be presented, discussed and evaluated.

“The international community is already responding and submitting proposals. We are very pleased about the mobilization of the international community, which, by showing interest in our cultural heritage, offers out-of-the-box alternatives, some of which may be acceptable to both sides,” said Ecoweek President Dr. Elias Messinas.

“We hope Ecoweek’s international expertise in public consultation and participatory planning of sustainable and innovative solutions, will contribute to resolving such an important issue for our country, operating, of course, alongside all other important efforts currently being made by government or other bodies,” he added.

“The thinkTank Paremvasi has held discussions with prominent personalities in Greece and the diaspora for an international dialogue on the future of Parthenon sculptures since 2020,” said Paremvasi President Konstantinos Gerontis. “We believe that there is an opportunity and maturity for such an initiative to take place in the context of the events of 200 years since the start of the Greek Revolution, a fact that will contribute to international interest in our cultural heritage and tourism from the diaspora.”

For more information on the initiative, click here. Submit proposals, click here. More information on Ecoweek 2021, click here.