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The name day celebrations of the former Archbishop of Crete, Irenaios

On the evening of the 22 August, 2022, at the Holy Chapel of Saint Andrew at the Archdiocesan Palace in Heraklion, Greece, the Divine Litirgy for the Feast of Saint Irenaios of Lyon took place, during which, His Eminence former Archbishop Irenaios of Crete celebrates his name day.

The Divine Liturgy was offered by the Hieromonk Father Irenaios Papadimitriou, while also taking part prayerfully were His Eminence Archbishop Evgenios of Crete, The Chancellor of the Archdiocese, the General Vicar of the Archdiocese, clergy and monastics of the Holy Archdiocese of crete,

At the Conclusion of the Holy Divine Liturgy, His Eminence Archbishop Evgenios of Crete, firstly because he tonsured Father Irenaios Papadimitriou with the title of Archimandrite, spoke with heartfelt words and referred to the venerable person of his predecessor who celebrated his feast day, Archbishop Irenaios, and expressed the gratitude, respect, appreciation and love of all, for what he has offered to the local Church during the years of his Archpriestly ministry.

He urged all the clergy present to learn from his meekness, patience and martyric perseverance, since in the last years he endures the martydom of his illness smiling, wishing, praying and glorifying the Holy Triune God.