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The largest bell tower in the world is located in Greece

The largest bell tower in the world can be found in Greece and, in particular, in the Holy Monastery of Saints Augustine and Seraphim of Sarof, which is built at an altitude of 700 meters on a green slope in Fokida. In fact, according to testimonies, the bell tower of the monastery, whenever it sounds in its entirety, is heard from the area of ​​Trikorfo Fokida to Patras and Delphi, ie at a distance of 100 kilometers.

The monks built the largest bell tower in the world, with 62 bells and 400 beacons (simantra), in memory of the Hagia Sophia bell tower in Istanbul. Besides, the lyrics are well known, the content of which provokes strong emotions of Hellenes all around the world.

“… It means God, it means the earth, it means the heavens, it also means the Hagia Sophia, the Great Monastery with four hundred beacons and sixty-two bells, every bell and priest, every priest and deacon…”.

It is worth noting that the beacons (simantra) sound every five years on the feast of St. Seraphim. 400 believers go up to the bell tower and hit the beacons by hand.

The 62 bells are now ringing all together on the feast of St. Augustine on June 15 and St. Seraphim on November 9, as well as Christmas and the night of the Resurrection (Pascha).