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The grave of the late Bulgarian Patriarch has been desecrated

The grave of the late Bulgarian Patriarch Neophyte has been desecrated, an act that has deeply saddened and outraged many.

Unknown individuals vandalised the grave of the revered Patriarch Neophyte and Metropolitan of Sofia, situated beneath the colonnade of the metropolitan Church St. Nedelya.

The perpetrators removed the cross from the grave and inflicted damage to both the cross and the marble surrounding the final resting place of the deceased leader of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. Prompt action has been taken, with law enforcement authorities duly notified of the incident, and efforts are underway to apprehend those responsible.

In remembrance and honor of Patriarch Neophyte, a Requiem Holy Liturgy and memorial service will be performed on Sunday, 21 April 2024, at the St. Nedelya Church. This service will mark 40 days since the passing of the beloved Patriarch, providing an opportunity for the faithful to come together in prayer and reflection amidst this unfortunate event.