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The Feast Day of Saint Porphyrios Bishop of Gaza at the Patriarchate of Jerusalem

On Sunday, February 26/March 10, 2024, the commemoration of the Holy Martyr Porphyrios, Bishop of Gaza, was celebrated by the Patriarchate in the Holy Monastery named after him in the currently afflicted city of Gaza.

On this feast, the whole Church, especially that of Jerusalem, remembers that Saint Porphyrios, originally from Thessalonica, came to the Holy Land and was ordained a Priest and then Bishop of Gaza. At the imperial command, he destroyed the last stronghold of the national idolatry in Gaza and consecrated a Holy Church along with the Christian presence in Gaza through the centuries.

In this Monastery, the Patriarchal Commissioner His Eminence Archbishop Alexios of Tiberias, with the Hieromonk Sila, celebrated the Divine Liturgy for the feast, under the prayerful participation of approximately four hundred members of our flock. These are the asylum seekers who receive all the accommodation and hospitality and are saved by divine providence from the war, victims of which there were eighteen people; may the Lord rest their souls in the land of the living.

From Secretariat-General

Source: Patriarchate of Jerusalem