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The EU has decided to impose sanctions against the Patriarch of Moscow

The summit of European leaders reached an agreement this morning on an embargo on Russian oil.

The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, tweeted that there was an agreement to ban Russian oil exports to the EU, which covers more than two-thirds of European imports from Russia, “cutting off a huge source of funding for its war machine”.

According to sources of the Bloomberg news agency, Hungary has opposed the imposition of sanctions on Patriarch Kirill.

The imposition of sanctions on the Patriarch of Moscow had already been proposed by the European Commission at the beginning of May, as part of the sixth package of measures in response to the Russian invasion.

Patriarch Kirill, “a longtime ally of President Vladimir Putin, has become one of the dominant supporters of the Russian invasion of Ukraine,” was underlined in a Commission document leaked to the press.

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow has increased his sermons in support of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In these, he speaks of a fight against the “forces of evil” that oppose the historical “unity” between Russia and Ukraine, while “blessing” the weapons for the victory of the Russian forces over Ukraine.