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The Ecumenical Patriarch on the attack on the Church of Santa Maria Büyükdere in Constantinople

His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, as soon as he was informed of the armed murderous attack that occurred during the Sunday Divine Liturgy at the Catholic Church of Santa Maria Bathyrryakos (Büyükdere), contacted the Bishop of Roman Catholics in Constantinople, Massimiliano Palinuro, by phone, expressing his personally support and sincerest condolences and that of the Mother Church to the family of the victim and to the Roman Catholic Community as a whole.

His All-Holiness expressed the certainty that the competent authorities will do everything necessary to clarify the reasons behind the tragic event, and pointed out that no one should allow fear to prevail at the expense of social peace and the harmonious coexistence of religious communities in the country.