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The Archbishop of Australia condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine

His Eminence Archbishop Makarios of Australia expresses his utter condemnation of Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine and the violation of the territorial integrity of a sovereign country resulting in calamities and unspeakable suffering of its people. 

In a telephone conversation with the Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Sydney, Mr Jaroslav Roman Duma, His Eminence expressed his fervent support for the afflicted Ukrainian people, hoping for peace to prevail in his homeland as quickly as possible and stating that the Holy Archdiocese of Australia stands unwaveringly in favour of law and truth.

In his message, Archbishop Makarios of Australia emphasises: “During times of peace, children bury their father. During times of war, the father buries his children. In the last hours, we are watching with indescribable sadness the horrible face of the war, as reflected in the frightened eyes of our innocent fellow human beings, due to the unacceptable decision of the leadership of the Russian Federation to send in the military to invade the territory of democratic Ukraine. Inevitably, the horror of war is accompanied by a heavy blood tax.

This is not the world that Christ envisioned for the human race! This is not the teaching of our holy Gospels! There is no place in our faith and in our conscience for the pursuit of war! The duty of every Orthodox Christian is to strive for peace!

From faraway Australia, we join our prayers with those of His Beatitude Metropolitan Epiphanios of Kyiv and All Ukraine, and with the prayers of all Ukrainians. In his moving message, Metropolitan Epiphanios stressed that, ‘The truth is on our side’. The message reminded us of the bravery of the Greek hierarchs during the years of our nation’s slavery. We will defend this truth, with a strong voice, in all directions, and especially with faith in the providence of God and under the protection of our Panagia.”