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Strong Greek reaction to repeated Turkish provocation, ridiculous assertions

Greece’s foreign ministry on Thursday delivered a demarche to Turkey, and specifically to Turkey’s chargé d’ affaires, strongly protesting against what Athens calls the illegal and unfounded claims and assertions made over the recent period by increasingly belligerent Turkish officials.

The foreign ministry in Athens underlined its strong dissatisfaction to the Turkish side, as well as its condemnation over the recent statements by Turkish officials. The latter have questioned, indirectly or directly, Greece’s sovereignty over several Greek islands in the eastern Aegean, assertions that the Greek side branded as blatantly illegal and without foundation.

Athens stressed that such ridiculous statements, made by officials of a NATO member against another, are not only counter-productive but also an escalation of Turkey’s provocative behavior.

The absurdity of Turkish positions was also stressed, as the Turkish side constantly invokes international law, while at the same time ignoring and violating the international convention on the law of the sea – the “gold standard” for maritime law.

At the same time, the Greek foreign ministry said instructions have been conveyed to Greek embassies located in the member-states of the European Union, NATO and the members of the UN Security Council to provide exact information on the escalation of Turkey’s provocations.