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Prime Minister Scott Morrison: Home quarantine will enable vaccinated Australians to travel overseas

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says home quarantine is the key to enabling vaccinated Australians to travel overseas again and increasing the number of people who can enter the country.

“It is so important to enable international travel to start again,” Mr Morrison said in Parliament this afternoon.

“Home quarantine … is the answer to that. That is what is set out in the national plan. That is what is agreed and the national plan. That is what is being led by the Commonwealth … in moving us into a home quarantine phase that will enable Australians to travel again.

It will enable more people to be able to come into the country, be they students or be they skilled workers that are so necessary to Australia’s economic performance, and that they … can take advantage of a range of different quarantine arrangements, both commercially provided and otherwise provided, which will enable the national plan to gear up and strengthen our economy into the future.

Home quarantine is what is going to release Australians … out of the lockdowns, and to ensure that … Australia can live with this virus [safely].

[It] will see Australians being able to return home, who are vaccinated, and vaccinated Australians being able to travel again, to be reunited with their families overseas.”

Mr Morrison said “the most important challenge for quarantine right now is to ensure that home quarantine trials are successful”.