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Prime Minister commits to increase humanitarian intake for Afghan nationals

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has committed to increase the nation’s intake of Afghan nationals for years to help those wanting to leave the country under Taliban rule.

Mr Morrison, standing up in Parliament this afternoon to move a motion acknowledging the efforts and sacrifices of Australian troops and the people of Afghanistan, said the overall program will be expanded if needed to accommodate more people.

At the moment 3000 spots of the existing 13,750 for humanitarian intake have been set aside for Afghan nationals but this is a “floor”.

The motion calls on any future government of Afghanistan to “respect the human rights of all its citizens, especially women and girls, and for the international community to hold any future Afghan government to account”.

He said tens of thousands of Australians have served in Afghanistan and it is right for an account of recent events to be given and a reflection of the last 20 years in the country.

“Liberal democracies do not shy away from history. Debate, accountability and responsibility are fundamental to who we are,” he said.