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Patriarchate of Georgia on Abkhazia: An environment is created in the country that harms national interests

A round table meeting was held at the Patriarchate of Georgia on the issue of Abkhazia.

The purpose of the meeting, as pointed out in the announcement of the Patriarchate of Georgia, was to discuss the events related to the conflict in Abkhazia.

“Unfortunately, the Georgian side, after having engaged in an information warfare to tackle the forces working against Georgia, is not yet able to provide sufficiently objective information about the conflict at the international level.

In addition to this, a media environment is created in Georgia to the detriment of national and state interests, since it willingly or unwillingly supports the separatist forces,” as it was stated in the announcement.

It was also noted that it is necessary to have international support for the implementation of the “fair hospitality of the Georgian people, who seek to peacefully restore the territorial integrity of their country”.

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