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Patriarch of Serbia: The divine providence has brought us together here

His Beatitude Patriarch Porfirije of Serbia delivered a profound speech at the celebration of the seminary of the Holy Three Hierarchs in the Krka monastery.

“In this very place, we follow in the footsteps of our ancestors, just as this sanctuary has stood through the ages; a precious gem that, alongside many others, embellishes the magnificent, enchanting, genuinely robust, and rugged Dalmatia,” expressed the Patriarch.

“Dalmatia, where the saints of God, bearers of Christ’s message, individuals as solid and unwavering as the stone upon which they stand, take root and flourish. Yet, simultaneously, possess hearts as tender as cotton, akin to clouds upon which anyone may rest and find solace and tranquility; it is within this miraculous blend of resilience and strength, and tenderness and compassion, that the Dalmatian spirit is forged,” he continued.

“Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, today, I believe that all of us, including myself and my fellow bishops, are moved by love, guided by the divine providence that has brought us together here. You all are aware of my time spent in Zagreb, alongside the entire nation, and my frequent visits to the beautiful Dalmatia, where I experienced joy and profound connections, encountering love and meeting numerous individuals,” emphasised the Patriarch.

“In such moments, I often found myself here, rejuvenated and empowered—reborn through the sheer magnificence, strength, and vitality of the sea, rivers, hills, stones, and pine trees of this land. Moreover, through the warmth and smiles of the people of this region, I found renewal and strength, enabling me, with the love of many from here and by God’s grace, to fulfill the work of Christ,” he concluded.

Source: Patriarchate of Serbia