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Patriarch of Alexandria sends important letter to the Patriarch of Serbia

Patriarch Theodore of Alexandria used strong words and gave no quarter to Patriarch Porfirije of Serbia regarding his selective sensitivity to what is taking place in the Orthodox world lately, on the occasion of the Russian interference in Africa and the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

Specifically, as the Patriarchate of Alexandria informs us in an announcement, Patriarch Porfirije of Serbia sent a letter to Patriarch Theodore of Alexandria on July 22, in which he asked him to take action in order to release the former abbot of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra Monastery, Metropolitan Pavel.

The Patriarch of Serbia deems the decision of the Ukrainian justice on the one hand as “a product of the tense atmosphere in Ukraine that has been engulfed in the flames of war” and on the other hand as “a result of the intention of the current authorities to occupy the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra (Monastery).”

The Patriarch of Alexandria, in his reply letter published today, after stressing that the Patriarchate is unreservedly in favor of the defense of human rights, hastens to “remind” the Patriarch of Serbia that he has in no way shown the same sensitivity towards the thousands of Orthodox Christians of Africa who are “spiritually poisoned by the Patriarchate of Moscow with the predatory and impudent invasion in a parish that is geographically, pastorally and spiritually under the jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Alexandria.”

Patriarch Theodore also underlined that in his letter the Patriarch of Serbia referred to Ukraine “which has been engulfed in flames”, without naming the perpetrator of this aggressive war against the Orthodox people.

“Our Russian Orthodox brothers consciously rip the seamless robe of Jesus Christ into pieces, by pouring poison into the Second Throne Church of Alexandria, which benefited the Church of Russia by consolidating its autocephalous status,” the Patriarch of Alexandria said.

“We regret to note that in view of this completely unjust, anti-ecclesiastical and anti-canonical act, you do not show the same sensitivity as in the case of Metropolitan Pavel of Vyshgorod of the Patriarchate of Moscow. You remain silent, despite my repeated appeals, which concern not only one person but thousands of African Orthodox,” Patriarch Theodore added.

Thus, he holds Patriarch Porfirije and the other Orthodox Churches accountable and states that he expects from the Serbian Patriarch the same sensitivity he showed for Metropolitan Pavel and, therefore, to condemn the anti-canonical and anti-Christian actions of the Church of Russia.