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Patras: 58th Anniversary of the return of the Holy Head of Apostle Andrew

With the magnificent Litany of the sacred head and the Holy Icon of the Holy Apostle Andrew the First-called, the brilliant celebrations in Patras have come to an end, for the 58th anniversary of the recovery of the honorable and grace-giving Head of the Apostle Andrew, from Rome where he was, for over 500 years, in the city of his martyrdom, in the capital of Achaia.

Thousands of devout Christians, from Patras and elsewhere, accompanied in procession by sea and land, the venerable head of Apostle Andrew the First-called, headed by His Eminence Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Patras, and the following Hierarchs who joined the celebrations, Their Eminences, Metropolitan Ierotheos of Zichna and Nevrokopi, Metropolitan Daniel of Axomis, Metropolitan Bartholomew of Polyanis and Kilkisiou, and His Grace Bishop Chrysanthos of Kernitsa.

At the fishing-port of Patras, where the Holy Litany arrived, the Agiasmos blessing for the new fishing season was held, presided over by His Eminence Metropolitan Ierotheos of Zichna and Nevrokopi. In his brief address, His Eminence Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Patra wished the fishermen health and success in their work.

Afterwards, the first part of the Litany was carried out by sea and the venerable head was transferred to the pier of Agios Nikolaos Street and from there to Trion Symmahon Square, the place where it was received 58 years ago, on September 26, 1964.

After the Doxology,  Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Patras, delivered a festive speech on the auspicious and glorious day, where he emphasised the importance of the presence, teaching and sacrifice of First-called Apostle in Patras and Greece in general.

And focus on the fact that in a time of darkness and idolatry for the local area, the Sun rose and the Truth shone, that is, Jesus Christ, who was preached by the Apostle Andrew, sealed this sermon with his blood and his sacrifice on the x-shaped Cross.

“What and how would Patras be,” said the Metropolitan with emphasis, “but also the whole of Greece without the Orthodox and innocent faith?”

“The Apostolic Didache (teaching) revealed by God saved our city and our homeland, civilisation and the teachings and gave meaning to the course of this place and our People, in the historical process”, His Eminence pointed out and continued:

“The Orthodox faith freed us from various slavery and raised us from the dead. It grounded us, strengthened us and strengthens us in the modern difficult and deceptive times in which we live.

Without this faith which the Apostle Andrew taught us, we cannot move forward and we are self-condemned to spiritual destruction.

…At this time we must give the promise to Saint Andrew that what he handed over to us we will keep as the apple of our eye for the glory of God, for his (the Apostle Andrew’s) honour and for our salvation.

…And as we will process him in our city now, let us ask him to hold us in his hands, to light the path of our children, not to abandon us, but tie us to the Lord’s love, despite our many sins and to save his city, our city, from all dangers, as he did in the past with the Avars and in the 20th century with the Germans.

But also for our Motherland, Orthodox Greece, to be an ambassador, so as to keep the teaching of Jesus Christ and the Orthodox faith intact, until the end of the end of the age…”.

The Holy Litany, through Agios Andreou Street, ended at the Holy Church of Saint Andrew the Apostle and protector of Patras, where more prayered were offered and the National Anthem was sung.

His Eminence thanked from the bottom of his heart the Holy Hierarchs, the leaders, the students of the schools and the organisations that participated in the celebration, the Holy Clergy and the pious people of Patra.

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