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Parthenon Sculptures should return to Athens, says Lord Frost

Britain should join a pan-European effort to return the Parthenon Sculptures back to Greece, David Frost, a former British diplomat and Brexit negotiator has said.

David Frost also told the House of Lords in London that the UK should make a grand gesture to create closer diplomatic and cultural relations between the two countries.

Such a deal should include a campaign to encourage other countries, such as Denmark, Germany, Austria and France, which also have parts of the marbles, to return the items to Athens, he said.

Frost said there should also be a British-Greek exchange program, with items from Greek museums going to Britain and language exchanges.

“My personal view on this is that it is time for a grand gesture and only the government can make it. It is to offer to return the marbles as a one-off gift to Greece from this country, but as part of, and on condition of, a new wider Anglo-Greek cultural partnership,” he said during a debate in the House of Lords, where he holds a life peerage.