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Panagia Soumela: The historic monastery was turned into a club

Reactions are provoked by a video clip shot by a foreign band in the historic monastery of Panagia Soumela. Specifically, the video clip was shot in the courtyard of the historic monastery, where the service is being held on August 15 by the Ecumenical Patriarch.

As soon as the specific video clip was shown, there have been a lot of comments on social media from people talking about the desecration of the space, as performers seem to be dancing disco, while the sound of the bell can be heard.

Many considered scandalous the fact that members of the group danced disco in the sanctuary of Panagia Soumela, while some asked for explanations from the Turkish authorities, who essentially turned the monastery into a club.

According to the contributors, the video was shot there in order to promote Panagia Soumela as a tourist attraction and with the permission of the Turkish authorities.