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Over 8 million jabs administered as Greece braces for Covid-19’s Delta variant

More than eight million vaccine doses have been administered in Greece, a country with slightly less than 11 million residents.

According to official data published at website, the number of vaccinations reached 8,028,343 Saturday, with 3,534,001 people fully vaccinated. On Saturday alone, 103,090 people were vaccinated, despite the heatwave.

At the same time, experts warn about a very likely spread of the “Delta” variant of the coronavirus, which originated in India.

Elias Mossialos, a former minister and Professor of Health Policy at the London School of Economics, said that it is certain that this mutation will become prevalent in Greece: the thing is how long authorities can delay the inevitable, Mossialos told Skai station.

“The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has said that the Delta mutation will prevail by the end of August in all EU countries and will account for 90% of all new cases,” Mossialos added.

Mossialos said that this 4th wave of the pandemic will hit those not vaccinated yet, including children and those with a suppressed immune system, for whom taking the vaccine will not be enough. A third vaccine dose for this latter category should be administered sooner rather than later, he said, adding that other vaccinated people should have few problems.