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Otto’s royal regalia goes on display

The royal regalia of Otto, the Bavarian prince who ruled as king of Greece from 1832 to 1862, has gone on display in Parliament.

The artefacts, which include the king’s crown, scepter and sword, were found by the Culture Ministry in the former royal summer palace in Tatoi in 2023.

The crown and scepter were made by legendary French jewelers Fossin et Fils and the sword by Manceaux and Fossin et Fils.

The pieces were commissioned by Otto’s father, Ludwig I of Bavaria, but were not worn by the young king at his coronation in 1832 because the ship bringing them to Greece was delayed. The crown was used at the funerals of King Pavlos in 1964 and his wife, Frederica, in 1981.

Otto was deposed after a popular insurrection in October 1862 and returned to Bavaria, where he died five years later.

The regalia will remain on display in the Eleftherios Venizelos Hall until 2073.