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Northcote: Orthodox catechism classes continue successfully

The Orthodox Catechism seminars held in the Archdiocesan District of Northcote, continue with success, with the blessing of His Eminence Archbishop Makarios of Australia, these catechism  seminars have become an institution for the region, and are attended by an ever-growing audience of converts and Orthodox individuals who want to learn more about the Orthodox faith.

Through these catechism seminars, those who until now had no contact or access to the world of Orthodoxy, are given the opportunity to get to know the deep rich church tradition, to appreciate the wisdom of the holy fathers as well as the immediacy of the main message of the Holy Bible to the modern times and communicate that Orthodoxy is not simply the religion of a marginalized ethnic minority, but an integral part of the wider Australian multicultural reality.

The catechesis seminars take place four times a year and at the end of each seminar, there is a special Doxology service for those who attended and His Grace performs the sacrament of Baptism or Holy Chrismation for those who finally decided to proceed to become a member of the Orthodox Church.

Therefore, the catechism seminars are not only attended by non-Orthodox who seek to enter and integrate into the Orthodox Church, but also by expatriates who want to enrich their knowledge, to embrace the joyful message of the Gospel and to strengthen their faith.

This ministry is conducted in the English language, it is open to everyone every Tuesday 6-8pm, intermittently, at the premises of the Archdiocesan church of Our Lady Axion Esti, 7 Hartington Street, Northcote.

For more information call (03) 9998 1898 or email [email protected]

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