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New vandalism in Hagia Sophia – The marbles on the floor were broken

New images of damage to Hagia Sophia in Istanbul have come to the light and created a stir.

This time the use of a cleaning machine, used inside the monument, resulted in the breaking of marbles on the floor.

“The destruction of Hagia Sophia, which has been transformed from a museum to a mosque, continues. Tour guide Ozlem Kabasakal said the historic marbles were broken in many places by the heavy machinery used to clean the marbles,” the newspaper noted.

The X-ray machines at the entrance of the monument, which have not been working since it was converted into a mosque, were switched on two weeks ago. Those in charge continue to warn women who enter without a headscarf, as well as those who attempt to enter in inappropriate clothing. However, there appears to be no provision for essential protection.

As the article notes: “It can be seen that the marbles that were already broken in some places and are on the imperial route at the exit door have been broken in other places.”

The Turkish tour guide claims according to Cumhuriyet that: “When Hagia Sophia was a museum, visits were carried out with great respect. These days its interior looks like a funfair”.