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Greece: New rules for leisure, entertainment kick in Friday

New public health rules kick in across Greece on Friday, with open-air leisure and entertainment venues like restaurants, bars, cinemas and theaters having to post a sign at the door indicating their coronavirus safety level.

The official signs will state whether the establishment is “Covid-free,” meaning it caters only to patrons who can produce an official certificate of full immunity, a “mixed space” – in orange and blue – and thereby also admitting unvaccinated individuals with a negative PCR or rapid test taken within the last 72 or 48 hours respectively, and whether it has a “fully vaccinated staff” (the sign depicts a syringe and a green check mark).

The new rules are designed to give more freedom to people who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 and encourage others to get the shot, while also allowing business owners and managers in the food and beverage industries, in tourism-related sectors and in other areas of leisure and entertainment to choose the Covid-free option in exchange for a higher occupancy rate or to serve both categories but provide less seating.

Indoor venues, meanwhile, will only be allowed to operate as Covid-free spaces and will also enjoy the higher, 85% occupancy rate. Bars, cafes and clubs, moreover, will not be allowed to serve standing guests, only those seated at tables.