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Mitsotakis resists revived calls for an early election

The fallout from the war in Ukraine has revived talk of early elections, although Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis so far remains ste

adfast in his decision to hold the first of what is almost certain to be a doubleheader of elections at, or near, the end of the current Parliament term, in July 2023.

Some advisers want the prime minister to call elections before the summer, especially because of the Ukraine crisis, arguing that he should position himself as a guarantor of stability. Two more arguments for an early poll are the fear of yet another natural disaster in the summer or ratcheted tensions with Turkey.

Some argue for an autumn 2022 election on the basis that not much productive government work is done during a pre-election period.

Mitsotakis is arguing back that the results of large EU cash infusions won’t be made apparent until 2023.