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Metropolitan of Zambia: “The Three Hierarchs unified Hellenism with Christianity”

On Sunday, 4 February 2024, His Eminence Metropolitan John of Zambia presided over the Divine Liturgy at the Church of Saint Basil, culminating in a special celebration dedicated to the patron saints of education.

In his insightful homily, the Metropolitan drew parallels between the lives of the Three Hierarchs, revered as the Great Luminaries of Orthodoxy. These innovative pedagogues played a crucial role in bridging classical wisdom with modern understanding, harmonising knowledge with virtue, and unifying Hellenism with Christianity. Their era, often referred to as the Golden Age of the Church, solidifies their rightful place as the guardians of letters (education), schools, and students.

The celebration continued with a tribute to the profound contributions of these patron saints, marked by the reading of a text authored by Andreas G. Argyropoulos. The event not only commemorated the rich legacy of the Three Hierarchs but also emphasised the enduring significance of their teachings in the realm of education.

Source: Metropolis of Zambia