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Metropolitan of Plovdiv and the election of the next Patriarch of Bulgaria

Metropolitan Nikolai of Plovdiv has reiterated his decision not to seek the position of the new Patriarch of Bulgaria. Speaking to reporters, he emphasised that he will not be among the candidates in the upcoming elections for the Primate of the Bulgarian Church, following the passing of Patriarch Neophyte.

While attending the reception of the newly elected Metropolitan Arsenij of Sliven in Burgas, Metropolitan Nikolai reaffirmed his stance, stating that he will not be the new Patriarch and that he does not know who will assume the role. According to Bulgarian media, he declined to confirm whether he had officially submitted his decision to withdraw from candidacy.

Metropolitan Arsenij of Sliven highlighted that “Metropolitan Nikolai has expressed his final decision not to participate in the elections for the new Patriarch of Bulgaria.” He further noted the significance of their visit to Burgas, saying, “We came to this beautiful city to bring our blessing to all its inhabitants with a message of peace.”

It is worth recalling that Metropolitan Nikolai had announced his decision not to run for the position of the next Patriarch of Bulgaria relatively early. He also criticised media speculation regarding the succession process, which began even before Patriarch Neophyte’s body was laid in repose for the faithful to pay their respects.

Source: Patriarchate of Bulgaria