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Metropolitan of Kyiv: Ukraine and the world will not forget the crimes that the enemy has perpetrated

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

For the third day, Ukraine has successfully resisted and defended its freedom and its future from the tyranny that President Putin would like to inflict on us.

We can be proud that we as a nation have honorably answered to this test of our national and spiritual maturity. We are defending not only ourselves but the whole civilized world from the blood soaked delirium of the leader of Russia.

In this battle, the greatest sons and daughters of Ukraine are sacrificing their lives. Innocent citizens are being killed at the hands of the occupying forces.

Today on this day when we together pray for the dead, we remember those who have died at the hands of the aggressor. God’s Heavenly Kingdom, Memory Eternal and Glory to them!

Ukraine and the world will not forget the crimes that the enemy has perpetrated and continue to perpetrate. After our victory there must be Neuremburg #2 against the kremlin leaders who have committed war crimes and have placed humanity at the brink of a Third World War.

Throughout these days, our prayers must sound with greater strength for Ukraine, it’s defenders, army, victory and peace! We also ask for God’s blessings, smart guidance and firm resolve for our President Volodymyr Zelensky, the leadership of our national and local governments, and for all of those who have the weight of leadership placed on them during these dark times.

Our sincerest thanks to our diplomats, Ukrainians and our friends throughout the world who are working continuously through the day and night to stop the aggressor and return peace to Ukraine. Today there have been additional steps and sanctions enacted on Russia. In addition greater aid to Ukraine has also been enacted. I call on the world leaders not to stop, please continue to add newer and additional steps until the aggressor is forced to stop its criminal activity.

I appeal to our clergy: where it is possible, organize the reading of the Psalms, akathists, molebens for our defenders and for Ukraine. Do not let the prayer silence even for a minute. In addition, please help with greater attention those serving in our armed forces, the forces protecting our territories and our local citizens to overcome these times.

A portion of Ukraine is currently are under temporary occupation of the enemy. Therefore, I bless the clergy to act according to the situation: If possible to conduct worship services. If not, to perform their pastoral and community obligations in other ways.

Tomorrow, is the Sunday about The Last Judgement. This is a reminder to all: no one will avoid responsibility. The righteous will be awarded, the sinners – will have eternal suffering. We fight, because truth is on our side, God will grant us victory!

I call blessings upon the whole Ukrainian Nation, our armed forces and our President!

Glory to Jesus Christ!

O Great God, Eternal! For us Ukraine do protect!