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Metropolitan of Kyiv to the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine: Don’t hide behind general wishes of peace, tell the Truth

In course of Russian aggression against Ukraine the aggressor’s shellings aim at, alongside with peaceful infrastructure and residential buildings, the temples.

From the whole Ukraine we receive the reports of hitting the churches, even those, were the refugees found shelter.

As a Primate, I appeal to the Russian murderers: do not aggravate your crimes with destroying the sanctuaries, especially as you hypocritically justify yourself with “defending the Church”.

I appeal to the international community and especially to the religious leaders: rise your voice in opposing this crime of Russia. With the word and the deed do all the possible to stop the shellings and bombardments.

I appeal especially to the leaders of the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine: do not you see, how the cities and towns in Northern, East, and Southern Ukraine are being shelled, and the blasts kill, among others, those, who see you as their shepherds?

Demand loud from Russia, from the Patriarch of Moscow to stop these barbaric shellings! Do not hide behind general wishes of peace, but tell the Truth, as Our Lord bequeathed.

I want once again to join my voice to millions of voices of the Ukrainians, appealing to the free world: close the sky over Ukraine! Putin anyway thinks, that he wages the war “with America and NATO” on our soil. The Russian dictator already is at war with you, has already attacked you. Thus, defending Ukraine, our people, children, our homes and temples, you defend yourselves.


Metropolitan of Kyiv and All Ukraine

March, 6, 2022