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Metropolitan of Korea: The war in Ukraine is a great shame for us Orthodox

This year Sunday of Orthodox was celebrated in all the Parishes of the Orthodox Metropolis of Korea with two major problems: the coronavirus pandemic and the anxiety about the outcome of the fratricidal war in Ukraine.

The Litany of the Holy Icons took place inside the church, due to Covid-19. Before the beginning of the Litany, the Metropolitan mentioned, among others, the following:

“The anniversary of the restoration of the icons is always a joyous event in which we celebrate every year the victory of the truth of Orthodoxy against the heretical iconoclasts.

Unfortunately, however, this year, the joy of this glorious event has been overshadowed by the mourning about the war in Ukraine. This war is a great shame for us Orthodox because one Orthodox country is fighting against another Orthodox sister country. And it is not only a shame, but most importantly, it is a great sin, because this war, like any war, is contrary to the Holy Gospel we believe in.

That is why we condemn the war without a second thought. I ask you to please participate in the Litany, during which we will offer special petitions for the end of the war and the prevalence of peace in Ukraine, and pray deeply for the dead, the wounded, the refugees, and all our suffering brethren.

And at the same time, let us all take part in the fundraiser, which was started by the Orthodox Metropolis of Korea, to raise money to be sent to Ukraine.

Source: Metropolis of Korea