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Metropolitan Kallinikos of Edessa, Pella, and Almopia (+ 8 August,1984)

In his province he had the blessed habit of founding new churches dedicated to saints who are not often honored (Evangelist Matthew, Saint Dorotheos, St. Alexios the Man of God, etc.). As a lover of monasticism he often visited Mount Athos, where he performed a number of ordinations. To newly-married couples he would always give a copy of the New Testament with his blessing. His philanthropy always left him penniless, to the extent that when he was ordained a Metropolitan he could not afford any of his vestments, so he had to be given some by his brother who was also a Metropolitan. He supported many young people with an authentic and sincere priestly inclination, was a tireless minister and often visited even the most remote village of his province. During his visits, he treated young children with love and respect as if they were adults and encouraged them in their ministry and participation in the liturgical life.
Source: John Sanidopoulos